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How to make up small eyes: eye makeup tutorial

L‘goal is only one: to enlarge the gaze and make small eyes appear larger through make-up. The right techniques are those of corrective makeup, suitable for finding the right makeup to open the eyes. Don’t consider them a curse: small eyes are full of charm. Just think of overwhelmingly beautiful icons like Cameron Diaz, Taylor […]

Hooded eye make-up: the best tips for flawless make-up

T.hooded eye makeup: tips for flawless make-up, from applying eyeshadow to using mascara and eyeliner The “hooded” eye has a very specific characteristic: an almost invisible mobile eyelid with open eyes and a fixed one that seems “swollen” and covers the mobile one. Certainly not an ideal condition for making an eye make-up, one would […]

Giulia Valentina’s cat eye is the feline style to show off during the most fashionable evenings

M.ake up as a real party girl? Let yourself be inspired by Giulia Valentina’s cat eye, the fashion and trendy beauty look you’ve been waiting for for your super glam evenings One of the most followed Italian influencers and undoubtedly a woman with undisputed charm and innate ability to show off simple but always original […]

The best eye palettes for 2022 – The Wom Beauty

No.ude, colored, opaque or in the name of glitter? The best eye palettes of 2022 are real must-haves to which saying no is impossible (and we certainly won’t stop you) The more we have, the more we want. It is useless to deny it: the best eye palettes for 2022 are at the top of […]

Eye primer: how to use the eye makeup base and the best ones

P.To create the perfect makeup you need an eye primer that allows the makeup to literally cling to the skin. A beauty trick essential to obtain the maximum yield from eye shadows and smokey eyes, ensuring a really long-lasting eye make-up. And without smudging. The rules for creating a truly perfect makeup are few and […]