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Green eyes: the make-up that stands out the most

When it comes to make-up there are no rules, the important thing is to use a make-up that makes us feel good, but what are the colors of eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner that make green eyes stand out best? If you have the green eyes you can consider yourself special. In fact, only 2% of […]

How to make up small eyes: eye makeup tutorial

L‘goal is only one: to enlarge the gaze and make small eyes appear larger through make-up. The right techniques are those of corrective makeup, suitable for finding the right makeup to open the eyes. Don’t consider them a curse: small eyes are full of charm. Just think of overwhelmingly beautiful icons like Cameron Diaz, Taylor […]

Smokey eyes 2022: trends and how to wear it

Un great classic of the 90s that has returned to dominate red carpets and catwalks, in a thousand and more versions and colors. Here is a rundown of the trends not to be missed in 2022. The eye makeup is one of the most important elements in make-up and, among the trends of 2022lo smokey […]