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DIY curly hair mask, recipes and advice for use

What is it for Hair masks are products capable of improving the appearance of the hair, making it softer and often shinier. Compared to the traditional conditioning conditioner, the mask is left on for longer, about twenty minutes and this allows the ingredients to act on the hair for a long time. Who has curly […]

trends, looks and styling for wild hair

Wavy, curly and even wild: i hair for summer 2022 they want to feel free. Fluffy and unkempt hair (but in a workmanlike manner) are among the trends for the “summer season” because they allow you to feel relaxed and don’t think about too elaborate styling to obtain. From the Botticelli-style waves, to the more […]

Yes, natural curls make us want the beach and tousled hair

THE natural curls are synonymous with summer and holidays but if you don’t have them, of course, don’t worry, making them is very simple Summer: bye bye styling. There is no denying it, when temperatures rise the desire to use hairdryers, straighteners and any other styling tool that includes heat drops dramatically. However, deciding to […]