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DIY curly hair mask, recipes and advice for use

What is it for Hair masks are products capable of improving the appearance of the hair, making it softer and often shinier. Compared to the traditional conditioning conditioner, the mask is left on for longer, about twenty minutes and this allows the ingredients to act on the hair for a long time. Who has curly […]

Flaxseed gel mask for hair: how to do it and what it is used for

C.dry, brittle, dull skin? There’s a DIY recipe that’s right for them: flaxseed gel. You will find them softer and shinier. And without frizz! Among the natural ingredients, flax seeds represent a valid hair care product. In particular, they are indicated for soften and regulate the hair fiber, giving an anti-frizz effect. In addition, they […]

Lip mask: the best to buy for lips that are always soft

Yours lips are ready to celebrate the International kiss day? The July 6 it is in fact the day dedicated to one of the symbols of love par excellence: for this reason, it is essential to prepare yourself in the right way. How? With the lip masks: small concentrates of beauty designed to treat, illuminate […]

Eye mask for sleeping: what are the benefits?

D.sleeping well is essential for your health and beauty. In fact, light and external stimuli can often make the sleep phase very difficult and not very relaxing, in addition to allowing a deeper rest, the night mask also has beauty benefits. Let’s find out! Night eye mask: always underestimated Impossible to forget the blue Tiffany […]

Face Mist, face sprays: how to use them and why with the mask

UOnce you have discovered everything, absolutely everything, on Face Mist you will not be able to do without these sprays dedicated to skincare (especially under the mask) The search for a perfect beauty routine also involves the discovery of new products, just like them Face Mist. Sprays dedicated to the face that come directly from […]