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Yes, natural curls make us want the beach and tousled hair

THE natural curls are synonymous with summer and holidays but if you don’t have them, of course, don’t worry, making them is very simple Summer: bye bye styling. There is no denying it, when temperatures rise the desire to use hairdryers, straighteners and any other styling tool that includes heat drops dramatically. However, deciding to […]

Irritated skin after waxing: natural post hair removal remedies

Causes of post hair removal irritation Post-depilation or epilation irritation is subjective and depends on your skin type; after waxing or in general after hair removal, the skin tends to redden a lot. There sensitive skin, clear, sensitive is in fact certainly more predisposed to develop more or less extensive redness. In addition, some methods […]

Natural but effective: Selena Gomez’s makeup at the Critic Choice Awards is a breath of fresh air

V.ogli of spring and a natural but super cool beauty look? Try Selena Gomez’s make-up sported at the Critic Choice Awards, for a full of elegance, charm and freshness to be imitated Natural, simple, fresh. In one word, amazing. The make up by Selena Gomez flaunted to the Critic Choice Awards it tastes like spring […]

Natural herbs for dark hair: the best ever

R.Turning on the color and brightness of your dark hair is possible. Just trust nature and use the right herbs and plants. That’s how! Endless charm and innate elegance. THE dark hair they really know how to give an irresistible look to anyone who has them, more or less naturally. And what about the infinite […]