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The best foundations for oily skin

P.ensati to control the production of sebum and to leave a radiant, but not shiny complexion. Here are the best ones to have in your beauty case. THE best foundation for oily skin they are a certainty for those who want a uniform complexion and, at the same time, are looking for a formula that […]

DIY masks for oily skin

How to recognize oily skin Oily skin is a type of skin characterized by greasiness that makes it shiny and often subject to impurities. When you are young it is quite common to have oily skin because sebum is produced in response to hormonal stimuli; just during adolescence, hormones undergo considerable variations and the skin […]

The best oily skin sunscreens that mattify the face

Land new formulations contain mattifying micro-particles that leave the face fresh and dry. And above all, they are absorbed immediately without greasing. Read the advice of the dermatologist There are specific sun creams for oily skin? The answer is yes, of course. And when we say this, perhaps we take it for granted that in […]