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Tag: Personality

How to choose the underwear for Valentine’s Day based on your personality

If you have not yet given vent to your creativity by preparing the perfect gift, on Valentine’s Day surprise your partner with all of yourself, in the most literal sense of the word. Enhance your body with the perfect underwear for this romantic occasion and awaken your partner’s imagination before or after dinner, a good […]

Foot shape: characteristics, personality and type of shoe

There shape of our feet, although often mistreated, it reveals important notions about ours personality. The main forms recognized to date are: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Germanic and Celtic. The main difference lies in the length of the phalanges, each time different and in different proportions. Each plantar structure has been associated a certain type of […]

Pisces ascendant: personality and main characteristics

Although there are still many detractors, the world of astrology and horoscope does not stop fascinate. In fact, if thehoroscope tries to show our fortunes in terms of work, love and health, L’astrology deals with outlining ours personality, with its most evident features, strengths, weaknesses and affinities in the field of relationships. Both of these […]