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Stress pimples: why they appear and skincare remedies

The stress ei pimples they are two connected aspects. The reason is simple: when we are under pressure, our body produces hormones and other inflammatory substances. These negatively affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands which can begin to produce more impurities: and here is where the dreaded pimples appear! But be careful! “Many types […]

Flaking nails, all do-it-yourself remedies

UNails that flake off? Here are 10 DIY remedies to take care of your nails in a simple and super natural way The causes can be many and of a different nature. From the use of too aggressive detergents, to the lack of protection from the cold and external agents typical of this season. From […]

Flaking nails: tips, remedies and causes

TO sometimes it happens to find yourself with nails so weak that they flake off. The reasons are different and knowing them is useful to prevent the phenomenon as much as possible The hands and nails are among the first business cards when it presents itself to us and the common desire is to always […]