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Body scrub: top 10 to buy online

P.ensured for a smooth and smooth skin, body scrubs perform a mechanical action on the skin and in addition to eliminating dead cells also allow to reactivate the microcirculation helping to dispose of cellulite and water retention. THE best body scrubs to buy online I’m a beauty essential to always have at hand and even […]

Homemade lip scrub for dry and plumping lips

P.er a real one beauty addicted, there is nothing worse than having lips that are dry, chapped and full of cuticles. A fatal combination, which makes it difficult to apply any type of lipstick well, as well as giving an annoying feeling of tight lips. The solution? A lip scrub, to be prepared at home […]

Body scrub: new for 2021 and 5 ways to use it well

UAn unmissable product in the routine of the fateful preparation for summer. Which over the years has been enriched with various functions, in addition to the well-known exfoliation. Curious about what’s new? And above all, how is it really used? Read further! The world of body scrubs is evolving: from “simple” products with granules they […]

Scalp scrub: products, tips, how to use them

S.they use them before shampooing, especially when you feel that traditional cleansing is no longer enough to have a thoroughly clean and uncomfortable scalp. Discover the best scrubs in all types Insert a scalp scrub into your own hair routine is a great idea in case of dandruff, oily hair, itching and in general against […]

DIY Scalp Scrub: Naturally Good!

Make one DIY scalp scrub serves to regenerate the whole body! Taking care of your hair allows you to always have it healthy and shiny. But a little more attention also gives you mind-blowing results: in fact, healthy hair also grows much faster. And if your dream is to make them stretch, don’t miss our […]