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Strong sex: males vs females

It still makes sense to talk about strong sex and weaker sex? Certainly in Italy and in the rest of the world there is still a long way to go towards real equality between the sexes. This is because the culture of our time and the society we live in are anchored to one old […]

Sex and circumcision: everything there is to know

In some religions, such as theJudaism and theIslam, is widespread circumcision of babies and young children. Even in the United States, where about 70 percent of men are circumcised, circumcision is one routine procedure. Here, only at the end of the 19th century, more and more children were circumcised, because the subject of sex was […]

When sex becomes a cramp: what is vaginismus and how to counter it?

Vaginismus, also called vaginal cramp, is one cramp-like contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and parts of the vaginal muscles. This cramp is usually accompanied by severe pain, which makes sex restricted or even impossible. However, women with vaginismus often suffer not only during the actual sexual act, gynecological examinations or hygiene are also often […]