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The best foundations for oily skin

P.ensati to control the production of sebum and to leave a radiant, but not shiny complexion. Here are the best ones to have in your beauty case. THE best foundation for oily skin they are a certainty for those who want a uniform complexion and, at the same time, are looking for a formula that […]

colors and properties for all skin types

What are The clays they are natural substances composed of minerals. They are extracted from quarries, dried, cleaned of impurities and finely ground to then be sold in herbalist’s shops and natural products stores. Clays are mainly used in cosmetics: they can also be used to make purifying masks, anti-cellulite muds and packs for skin […]

Irritated skin after waxing: natural post hair removal remedies

Causes of post hair removal irritation Post-depilation or epilation irritation is subjective and depends on your skin type; after waxing or in general after hair removal, the skin tends to redden a lot. There sensitive skin, clear, sensitive is in fact certainly more predisposed to develop more or less extensive redness. In addition, some methods […]

DIY masks for oily skin

How to recognize oily skin Oily skin is a type of skin characterized by greasiness that makes it shiny and often subject to impurities. When you are young it is quite common to have oily skin because sebum is produced in response to hormonal stimuli; just during adolescence, hormones undergo considerable variations and the skin […]

Niacinamide and Vitamin C: how to combine these active ingredients for the skin

THETogether they work on the brightness of the skin, and for this reason niacinamide and vitamin C are used in products against uneven complexion. But not only … Read the article to find out more and recommended products! Between prominent INCI and clear packaging, information on the ingredients of skincare products is increasingly transparent. Very […]

Collagen: what it is and why it is important for the skin

D.ici collagen, think about skin tone and elasticity. It is, in fact, the substance responsible for compact skin, the one that determines its resistance. But it is also present in nails, hair and many other parts of the body. It is produced thanks to food, but it can also be integrated. In short, around collagen […]