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Reverse cut crease is the make up style you need to know

R.Invision of a classic Seventies, the reverse cut crease reverses the rules of eye make-up with an amazing result The make-up can be considered to all intents and purposes one art form and as such it has in itself almost the obligation of experimentation. Precisely for this reason there are always so many trends that […]

hairstyles to copy for a unique style

With a colored bandana you can customize a lot of hairstyles, many of which make it the protagonist and indispensable accessory for the summer. For a touch of class, fun and style, the bandana has always been used to customize your look, just choose the most suitable pattern and immediately becomes part of the whole […]

Giulia Valentina’s cat eye is the feline style to show off during the most fashionable evenings

M.ake up as a real party girl? Let yourself be inspired by Giulia Valentina’s cat eye, the fashion and trendy beauty look you’ve been waiting for for your super glam evenings One of the most followed Italian influencers and undoubtedly a woman with undisputed charm and innate ability to show off simple but always original […]

Short parade bob: ideas and style cues

C.he is more or less short, with or without bangs or more or less trendy, it is impossible to deny that the short bob is a great evergreen of haircuts. The reason is one: comfort, but also a lot of style. Find out with us. The bob is now one of the most popular cuts […]

Curly eyebrows: how to style them?

S.curly eyebrows? Of course yes! And that they are “perfect”! Here, then, how to style your curly eyebrows in a natural way and always taking into account their innate desire to rebel If you thought that styling was a habit only for your hair, know that no, it is not so. Even the eyebrows, in […]

Baby Hair, how do you best style them?

S.and your toughest battle when it comes to hair style is to tame baby hair, without success, know that there are ways to style them and keep them at bay Especially in autumn, when the hair reaches the end of its natural life cycle, in addition to witnessing their copious fall, it is not uncommon […]