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Hooded eye make-up: the best tips for flawless make-up

T.hooded eye makeup: tips for flawless make-up, from applying eyeshadow to using mascara and eyeliner The “hooded” eye has a very specific characteristic: an almost invisible mobile eyelid with open eyes and a fixed one that seems “swollen” and covers the mobile one. Certainly not an ideal condition for making an eye make-up, one would […]

7 TikTok beauty tips

The techniques for a perfect make-up are constantly changing, following the trends of the stars, the colors of the moment, the brands preferred by influencers and becoming more and more accessible. So, even if you are not a makeup artist, with a few simple tricks you can make your look perfect and selfie-proof! Over time […]

Cassie Euphoria make-up: all the tips to redo her make-up

THEDo you like Cassie di Euphoria’s make up? All the tips for copying it immediately, including eyeliner, glitter and kissable lips Tormented, beautiful, seductive, Cassie Of Euphoria is one of the most intriguing characters in the series. Tormented by a difficult childhood and constantly seeking men’s attention, the young girl played by Sydney Sweeney tells […]

Dewy make up: all the tips and tricks for dewy skin

P.fairytale and a face that recalls the freshness and sweetness of the morning dew? A dream that with dewy make up can become reality, in a few simple steps of pure beauty Would you like to flaunt a makeup that makes you look like you’ve been kissed directly by the morning dew? A fresh beauty […]