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Cassie Euphoria make-up: all the tips to redo her make-up

THEDo you like Cassie di Euphoria’s make up? All the tips for copying it immediately, including eyeliner, glitter and kissable lips Tormented, beautiful, seductive, Cassie Of Euphoria is one of the most intriguing characters in the series. Tormented by a difficult childhood and constantly seeking men’s attention, the young girl played by Sydney Sweeney tells […]

Dewy make up: all the tips and tricks for dewy skin

P.fairytale and a face that recalls the freshness and sweetness of the morning dew? A dream that with dewy make up can become reality, in a few simple steps of pure beauty Would you like to flaunt a makeup that makes you look like you’ve been kissed directly by the morning dew? A fresh beauty […]

Tired eyes, the best make-up tips

G.tired eyes turn off the gaze and although to eradicate them completely you need a good sleep, relying on the right make-up is a great way to mitigate them Night study sessions, evenings with friends and daily stress are just some of the reasons that can make you wake up in the morning with tired […]

Flaking nails: tips, remedies and causes

TO sometimes it happens to find yourself with nails so weak that they flake off. The reasons are different and knowing them is useful to prevent the phenomenon as much as possible The hands and nails are among the first business cards when it presents itself to us and the common desire is to always […]