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Halo eye make up: what is it and why is it trendy?

S.i call it halo eye make up and it is the latest makeup trend, between colors that light up the eyes and a technique that will not make you go unnoticed Among the latest trends in beauty is thehalo eye make up, a trick that lights up the eyes in a way that is as […]

All the trendy blondes of winter 2021-2022

C.amble look for the new winter season? Absolutely yes, but only if you opt for one of the trendiest shades. So here are the coolest blondes you can’t really give up. For a winter in which your hair will be the real and only protagonist! Blond hair yes or … yes! There are no other […]

2021 helmet: all the trendy variants

Helmet, carrĂ©, short bob, long bob: a nice haircut is for a week or forever, but always carries with it the charm of a sophisticated beauty. This famous hairstyle was born in Paris in 1909, designed by the hairdresser Antoine, who was inspired by Luana Cowley, but can be considered an evergreen, always contemporary. For […]

Trendy medium haircuts – the best

Choosing the ideal haircut for your face is very important, not too simple, but not impossible if you are careful about some fundamental nuances. To try to understand for yourself which cut could really be yours, we provide you with some small tricks to take into consideration. First of all, make your face stand out […]