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Irritated skin after waxing: natural post hair removal remedies

Causes of post hair removal irritation Post-depilation or epilation irritation is subjective and depends on your skin type; after waxing or in general after hair removal, the skin tends to redden a lot. There sensitive skin, clear, sensitive is in fact certainly more predisposed to develop more or less extensive redness. In addition, some methods […]

Autumn hair removal: it’s a good time for waxing!

S.yes, yes and yes again: if you are looking for the perfect autumn hair removal, waxing is definitely the best choice. And this season is the perfect time to start, especially if you’ve never tried it before There autumn hair removal it is more important than ever, because during this season (and the following one) […]

Arab waxing: all the false myths to dispel

C.erect arab, yes or no? Here are the myths to dispel about this ancient method of hair removal. To be able to decide whether to befriend him as a new beauty ally in total tranquility. When it comes to hair there are two types of people, those of the “no never” and those for whom, […]

Arab Waxing: Reasons Why It May Be Right For You

LArabian waxing is the one for you if you have very delicate and easily irritated skin, but even if you do not, the benefits you could derive from this technique are many. Have you ever heard of the arabic waxing? If the name tells you something but you have not yet managed to get to […]

Is it true that Arabian waxing is painless?

Une of the reasons why Arab waxing is so popular in recent times is the less painful and more nourishing effect than that of classic hair removal. There arabic waxing or sugaring is the hair removal method that is conquering many people and which is talked about a lot in this period. This is both […]

Arabian waxing: everything you need to know

LArab waxing has been enjoying great success lately, in fact there are more and more beauty centers that make it. If you prefer to make it at home instead, know that this method is very fast and very easy to prepare. Let’s find out how to prepare it and what are its advantages. There arabic […]

Waxing pain: 5 effective tips to feel less pain

QWhen the time comes for waxing, whether on the legs or in the groin area, a little fear always invades, honestly: who wants to feel bad? To avoid suffering too much, we have found some really useful tips, to withstand the moment of the tear more. Waxing: how to feel less bad? When the fateful […]