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Chocolate Brown Hair – Modern Woman

F.wavy, milk, gianduia, with hazelnuts, berries and caramel: these are just some shades of brown hair that are inspired by the most delicious tablet par excellence. Check out the “chocolaty” looks of the stars With its variegated nuances of Brown more or less dark, the chocolate has become a classic in the natural color palette. […]

Beauty horoscope: a routine that supports the rigor and precision of the Virgo woman

S.kincare, makeup, hairstyles and perfumes: what does the Virgo woman like? Read the article and find out if you recognize yourself or your friends! Speaking of the zodiac sign of Virgo, we know that hers is proverbial precision. Alongside rigor, reasoning and sobriety. Could it be because it was born at the end of summer, […]

Beauty Horoscope: a routine that expresses the strength and vitality of the Leo woman

Skincare, make-up, hairstyles and perfumes: what does the Leone woman like? Read the article and find out if you recognize yourself or your friends! A beautiful explosive sign that of Leo! Born in the height of summer (from July 23 to August 22), and between its energy from the Sun, its planet, or rather dominant […]

what to do not to peel I Modern Woman

Sand you don’t peel, you increase your chances of having a nice complexion until the end of September. What if it happens? Here are the beauty tips to manage the problem before, during and after excess sun Skin and tan: a couple who don’t get along. Peeling off undoubtedly ruins the tan that has been […]

Revealed the face of the woman who inspired Vasco Rossi’s “Silvia”

It’s always good give faces to songsespecially if it comes to masterpieces who made the history of Italian music and “Silvia” of Vasco Rossi it can place itself in this category by right. Yesterday, the Zocca rocker wanted to celebrate i 43 years of “Jenny” and “Silvia”, the individual contents in its first 45 laps […]